The Second Wednesday

It was the second session for these kids today, and they are already so familiar with the horses and all the exercises. In fact, Nicole (big Nicole – we have big Nicole, little Nicole, Nicky and Nick on Wednesday mornings!!!!) was showing us all the exercises from last week without being asked for them! And this week it was she who was snatching sunglasses off of the side walkers! She is definitely going to keep us on our toes!

10403621_760586770655350_8463180555833260960_n        1798074_760585863988774_5778929594055400349_n


Bridget, with spina bifida, got to join in the session today and coped incredibly well. Nyasha was back from last term, and showed us how to throw and catch accurately. Small Nicole was incredible with her ball skills, and had the most beautiful ‘happy toes!’ We were very blessed today to have SO MANY helpers! Wow!! Thanks so much everyone, please keep coming, you are so appreciated, and needed!

This week Nicole didn’t tell us ‘thank you for the horse riding I’m going now, good bye’, and march off to the bus. Instead, she stopped in fascination to have a long conversation with Echo, before marching off to the bus!

Wednesday’s Helpers

  • Sandy Paul
  • Michelle Berry
  • Rachel Elton
  • Cynthia Louw
  • Danny
  • Michelle
  • Sharleen Sher
  • Tracy May
  • Joeleen Sissons
  • Cathy Ogilvy
  • Shanon Follwell
  • Mary
  • Craig
  • Sandy Beckley

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