Thursday Afternoon – 9 October 2014

Mike (the multiple amputee) greeted us today with an amazing picture he drew with his mouth…. It is very humbling to see what these kids can achieve even with the severe disabilities they have.

Mike's picture

Mike’s picture

Thobizitha, the little girl with Arthrogryphosis, made incredible progress. Her legs are already softer and she was able to sit astride for almost the entire session. Prisca had her sitting almost upright in order to hug her pony. It was amazing to see.

Our helpers were a little unruly today, as you will see from the photos, namely Cynthia, who appears to be either jumping for joy or kicking the horse next door, and Prisca who gave a very lively demonstration of ‘How to Wash’. Goodness knows what Craig was trying to do to the kids, and Rhiannon’s leader is striding very purposefully to……. somewhere.We are very grateful to all of the helpers and were very happy to see new faces.

Laura was not happy to finish with all the others and had to go for a spin around once everyone else left! Juliet was just as enthusiastic as she was last week, and had the most infectious smile while she put her heart and soul into the exercises. Methembe was a bit more cautious this week and took the session far more seriously than he did last week. All in all a great afternoon spent with these special kids. Thanks so much to all the helpers.



Prisca washing!

Prisca washing!

10711039_761148880599139_4145958868135945074_n 10624969_761149490599078_1652615621990275564_nThursday’s Helpers

  • Sandy Paul
  • Cynthia
  • Lindsey
  • Craig
  • Stephanie Coombes
  • Tara
  • Shanon Follwell
  • Michelle Berry
  • Jenny
  • Lloyd
  • Kim Le Grange


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