16-10-14: Two incredible moments

This Thursday we managed to capture two incredible moments on video to share with you…

The first is of Thobizitha. She has a condition called arthogryposis, which results in limited movement in her joints and some may even be frozen in one position. Often the muscles around these joints is weak and stiff. As a result, Thobizitha can’t really straighten her back but when she sits on her horse she automatically sits up straighter and smiles her way through her exercises.

We mentioned Mike and his painting last week. This week we caught his first attempt at trotting on video! Yes, Pink Lady does have a smooth trot but it is still incredible how quickly Mike manages to find his balance!

 Thusday’s Helpers

  • Sandy Paul
  • Debbie Paul
  • Anthony Paul
  • Markel
  • Rachelle
  • Jenny
  • Sarah
  • Kim
  • Karen Vincent
  • Moira
  • Andy
  • Clifford Kee-Tui


One thought on “16-10-14: Two incredible moments

  1. Thought I’d had enough tears today – Words can’t express, Jilly & Aileen the impact of what you are doing … thank you! (:


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