Last week Saturday we started working with six new children from the Sandra Jones Centre! These kids are all between the ages of six and eight, so a few years younger than our first set of six girls.

They were model children, a credit to SJC! They sat in a row in the shade in silence and watched the older girls ride. And then they walked single file to get their helmets and get on their horses.

While we do enjoy this early stage where they are so overwhelmed by all that is new and consequently so perfectly behaved, we love the next stage more – where they feel comfortable to run around, play with the dogs and geese, talk more (though we’ve realized it is a fine line between talking more and talking back!) and basically require us to watch them all the time!

They’re back with us this Saturday afternoon! We’ll let you know if they get into a bit of trouble!

SJ-1694 SJ-1669 SJ-1667 SJ-1663 SJ-1659 SJ-1654

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