29-10-14: Sunglasses in the heat

On a sweltering hot October afternoon in Zimbabwe, the gift of sunglasses
from MARANATHA VOLUNTEERS INTERNATIONAL made our Wednesday kids real cool! Thanks once again for the generous gift of sunglasses, you really made these kids smile!

We had cheeky Chantel back this week, full of nonsense, and soft Sandisiwi
as well, who we haven’t seen yet this term as her mother, who lives in
Esigodini, 45 or so kms SE of Bulawayo, has not been able to afford the
public transport to get Sandi to KGVI every day. Isn’t it amazing what
sacrifices a mother will give for her child? Anyone who lives in Zimbabwe
will understand this sacrifice…. But those of us who know little Sandi
will understand why her mother does it. Sandi is the sweetest little girl
with the biggest smile, when she started with us at the beginning of the
year her body was bent over and her hands were spasmed into fists, she could not open them. Now she sits tall and proud on her pony and can stroke her with an open fist. Every day working with these children we see miracles.

I am very interested to watch the progress in Promise, who has only had a
couple of sessions with us. He is still very wobbly and spends most of his
time lying back on the horse, but today saw him grasping a bean bag and
almost throwing it to us, an amazing change over the course of just one

Thank you once again to the people who volunteered their time to help us, I
can’t say enough how much we value you. And of course to the hard working
staff of KGVI.

IMG-20141029-WA0002 IMG-20141029-WA0014 IMG-20141029-WA0022 IMG-20141029-WA0021 IMG-20141029-WA0023 IMG-20141029-WA0026


  • Sandy Paul
  • Debbie Paul
  • Tracy May
  • Brian May
  • Joelene Sissing
  • John Burgess

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