Therapeutic riding 1

It was a wonderful start to the 2015 term with so many volunteers today. We were so lucky! Thank you so much for coming out to help us today, it made such a difference to the session. Please don’t stop coming!

It was a very hot morning, and we had lots of new faces amongst the kids. Some of them were straight onto the ponies with hardly an introduction, whilst others took a while to get to know the ponies and relax enough to sit on them. All of them had huge smiles by the end of the session though.

Nyasha showed everyone what it was all about, doing everything so enthusiastically, and showing the newcomers how it was done.

Great to have the kids back with us! We’ve missed them and look forward to a busy term together.


  • Sandy Paul
  • Frances and Kate Randell
  • Mandy Kehayias
  • Tiffanee Rhodie
  • Shareen
  • Emil Kee-Tui
  • Kelly Austin
  • Nadine Streak
  • Michelle Berry
  • Naomi
  • Debbie and Kelly Paul
  • Joan Darlow
  • Sandy Beckley
  • Tracy May

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