2-2-2015: Morning with Riverside Collegiate

Riverside spent a morning with us on Monday. Once again there were some of them who didn’t make it off the bus, but they had a great time sitting on the bus waving to their friends and cheering them on.

We spent a lot of time encouraging Tandi to get onto Lightning, and she had us all giggling with her attitude towards the mounting process, telling us with confidence that she was getting on, then stopping for a regal wave to her friends, then saying it was too high up and then starting the whole process all over again! She eventually got a leg over and sat on Lightning, but after one beat was off again.

It was a good morning, I really feel these people would benefit from regular exposure to the horses. All the participants were at home with the dogs, Twinkle and Pearl this time.

Thank you so much to all the helpers who gave us their time to help out on Monday!


  • Sandy Paul
  • Tracy and Rose May
  • Tiffanie Rhodie
  • Emil Kee-Tui
  • Barbara Nicholas
  • Stella Allberry
  • Debbie and Kelly Paul
  • Mandy Kehayias

Thandi Riverside Ryan

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