Elephants at the stables??!!!

You will forgive us for spreading what may actually be a rumor but in a week that we have been given four horses we are prepped to believe in all sorts of miracles….

One of our grooms, Charles, got up at 5 am this morning and found three ELEPHANTS making their way across the back paddock!!! (No, he wasn’t drinking the night before. And no, he wasn’t dreaming either!!)

We can see where the elephants made their way onto our property and we can follow faint tracks that are consistent with the size and shape of elephant footprints. And on the far side there is evidence that they managed to hop lightly over our lower fence and then proceed to destroy our neighbor’s higher fence…

Additional proof to support the rumor is that Aileen says our horses that sleep out were found huddled together this morning rather than being scattered the way they normally are… This makes sense of course. We can understand the desire to huddle close to friends for comfort while three elephants roam free.

This being Zimbabwe, we’ve had no ZESA for three days and Charles’s cell phone was dead so there is no photographic evidence.

But, this being Zimbabwe, we know that anything, including sightings of elephants at our stables in Bulawayo, is certainly possible!!

Update: We might be spreading rumors again but we heard that two of the elephants were shot by the police but the third one managed to escape. Again, in Zimbabwe, the beautiful and the sad are twined together…

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