They’re home!!

Time slows right down when you are waiting for something and those final hours after our horses crossed the border were interminably long!

But they finally arrived at around 4:30 and were met by our grooms, Sandy and Kayla Paul, and Cynthia. Kelly, Jutta and Swathi managed to make it to us just in time as well!

W Moonlight

W Moonlight

W Pale

W Pale


W Freshly Ground


We walked everyone around the arena a few times to calm down and then our new four got down to the business of grazing and drinking and generally settling down.




Moonlight, the friendliest of the bunch, soon realized that Kayla and Sandy were willing to share their bag of cut apples with him. (Sometimes humans are nicer than the horses you live with!)

And this morning, they are bright and alert, ready to begin their new lives with us!





One thought on “They’re home!!

  1. What a Precious gift to be given, these special boys who are going to be an integral part of healing so many children! It seems to have happened So fast, yet time slowed to snails pace this last week. Home at Last with their Life journey ahead!


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