An update on the Cremellos

Our four newbies have settled in very well. They’ve gained some weight and have a glossy sheen to their coats and they are obviously recovering from the trauma of leaving their home and traveling across borders to get to us.
Now that they are relaxing into their life with us we are slowly beginning to gain some insight into their personalities. Moonlight is just a big bundle of gentleness. He loves to be loved and is the first one to greet anyone walking by. Crumble is not far behind. Though still wary of humans, Crumble seems curious to figure out what we are about. Pale and Freshly Ground are still busy negotiating and re-negotiating their places in the herd and humans are two-legged creatures that should either be walked away from or kicked!
And the most terrifying new introduction to their lives are the deadly sprinklers in the arena that shoot out water with no warning at all hours of the day!!
Cremello-2We are in the happy position where our list of people to thank just seems to continue to grow! Here are a few people who have helped us with the Cremellos so far:

Dr Pete Dommett – for giving them to us in the first place.
Emma O’Toole for transporting them from South Africa to Bulawayo
Peta-Ann Davies for organizing a fundraiser to help us pay for their transport. (A more detailed update on this soon…)
Sandy Paul for her time and patience and gentle manner around horses
Andy Taylor for the donation of his time and knowledge

Cremello-1 Cremello-4

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