The Minis – Making you Believe in Magic

With their delicate hooves, waterfall manes, and gentle dispositions, the latest additions to our therapeutic centre have found permanent homes in our hearts. Yes, they’re small but they’ve already made a huge difference to our worlds!

Many of you have met them already but here are a few words introducing Disneyland Eldorado, Disneyland Bridget, and Peter Paddington Pan!

Minis-4376 Minis-4315






Eldorado is very very cute but make no mistake – this little guy is feisty! It didn’t take him long to make it perfectly clear to the bigger horses that even though they can’t quite believe that real horses come in such small sizes, he’s alive and kicking and here to stay. Put him near kids though and all that spirit turns sweet. He stands forever, patiently letting them run their hands through all that mane!



The best way to get to know Bridget is to stand next to her and give her a big hug. There is no better feeling than cuddling her sides and resting your cheek against her warm back. She is just perfect – mature, composed, and slightly proud. Bridget loves to go on her daily walks, her heels clicking and her ears pointed forward. And she’s adopted our youngest mini: Peter Paddington Pan.

Paddington2-4450 Paddington-4413


While Paddington isn’t as flashy as Eldorado and Bridget, no one has been able to resist his playful antics, his thick teddy bear hair, his charm, or his curious blue-eyed gaze. You can almost see this little one soak in the new world he’s come into. We believe he likes it here with us so far.

These minis would not have been ours but for some very special people who believe so much in what we do that they have donated freely of themselves and their resources. Here’s a big public thank you for these treasures.

Roger Steyn and family for bringing Bridget and Eldorado to us from their previous home in Harare.

Karen Bourdillon for the money to buy Paddington and Annie Bailey for parting with him.

And, finally, a big thank you to Belinda Lawson for Bridget and Eldorado. That these horses are as sweet, well-mannered, loving and patient with the kids in our therapeutic program is because of all of their years with you. We are very, very grateful.

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