3-6-15: Progress despite challenges

Junior and TwinkleOur therapeutic riding program really suffers when we don’t have enough volunteers. This Wednesday we had to split the kids into three groups in order to make sure that each child has a sidewalker with them on either side. This, of course, limits the amount of time on a horse for each kid and also means extra work for those volunteers who were able to make it.

But on the positive side, we are reaching that time in the term when we start to notice significant improvements in the children’s strength and confidence. Our two new kids, Chris and Mufaro took to the horses like ducks to water (and believe me we are duck experts) and had the hugest smiles! Aquella sat up for most of the session which is AMAZING!!

We are so proud of the kids and thankful that they are a part of our lives!!!

A special thank you to the volunteers who responded to Sandy’s SOS message. We couldn’t have coped without you!!



Volunteers on Wednesday

  • Sandy Paul
  • Debbie and Kelly Paul
  • Tracy May
  • Stella Allberry
  • Frances Randell
  • Lisa Sandford

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