31-5-15: Thank you GC!

This Thursday Girls College Lower 6 visited us as part of their community service. There was no doubt that they were besotted with the KGVI kids!!

Girls College has been wonderful to us this year. We would like to formally thank Form 2Y 2015, who made us the object of their Community Service last term, and raised money for us.  We are in the process of using these funds to help build a new fence which will enclose the area in which we work with the children involved in our therapeutic program. This will be a huge benefit to the kids and animals involved in the program. We are touched and immensely grateful to this class of special girls. They are very young teenagers, and their hearts are obviously in the right place, in that they are able to think selflessly of children who have greater needs than themselves.

Thank you Form 2Y Girls College!

Girls College at SEC Girls College at SEC










Thursday volunteers

  • Sandy Paul
  • Hayley and Jordan Sherfield
  • Kimberly Le Grange
  • Nicola Bourdillon
  • Angela Stanton
  • Mel
  • Tarryne Collett
  • Kayla, Katie, Conner and Dean for handling Eldorado and Bridget
  • Thank you Girls College Lower 6 for your visit, and to Amina Homann for suggesting they come see what we are all about.

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