Volunteer Spotlight: Sandy Paul

It has been three months since we featured one of our volunteers and in all that time Sandy Paul has continued to quietly work with our horses and regularly attend our therapeutic riding sessions. She has proved over and over again that she takes her commitment to us as seriously as she does her horses, and that’s saying a lot!!!

Sandy Paul

Sandy with Nyasha on Pink Lady.

“Horses are very grounding. You can’t be in a mood or emotional when you work with them,” Sandy says. “You have to sort yourself out first before you work with them. They’re also very forgiving. They are ok with our mistakes as long as we learn from them. When I work with horses I like to think I am giving them a voice. They are always telling us something.”

Sandy, we thank you for giving our horses a voice, for listening to them, and for giving back to them over the last few months.

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