Day Two at Horse of the Year


Mighty Image proved himself a true competitor today! On an average day in our yard, Mighty is quiet and slow. But take him to a show and his competitive edge is obvious. We almost didn’t recognize the gorgeous, forward-going athlete out there!!

Nicola-6028Nicola and Mighty Image competed in the Working Hunter class where they jumped 80 cm (a first for Nicola, who said she was so busy looking forward that she didn’t notice how high the jumps were!!). They then jumped 60 cm Table C one round on time. It was a beautiful controlled round with no flaws though it wasn’t fast enough to get placed.

Kim and Poppy also had a nice clear round, jumping 60 cms, with both of them giving the impression that 60 cm was not high enough!

Ashleigh had a difficult day with Lincoln, who bucked her off in the collecting ring before her Precision and Speed class. But Ashleigh rallied and showed incredible determination and patience with Lincoln. They managed to do better in the afternoon’s Table C round. We hope that tomorrow will be even better!

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