Final Day at Horse of the Year

The morning started early but it was well worth it to see our horses beautifully plaited and turned out for the Challenge classes. Nicola and Mighty Image had a beautiful and confident round with a speedy jump off time in the 60 cm challenge, which earned them third place!!! Congratulations Nicola!!! We’re very proud of you and all the work you’ve put in to build your relationship with Mighty Image.

Kim on Poppy had a clear round except for one unfortunate pole down in the combination in the 60 cm challenge, which meant they didn’t go into the jump off. Kim and Poppy have done really well, considering the size and length of this show.

Ashleigh and Lincoln did so much better than yesterday. They got it together for the 90 cm Challenge and were having a beautiful round until the jump near the grand stand, which terrified the otherwise willing Lincoln. Ashleigh demonstrated her determination and the trust she has in her horse, which meant every time she rode him was better than the last.


We would like to thank Ndodana, our groom at the show, who supported us through the four days and also surprised us by proving to be particularly adept at playing soccer with the other grooms in the informal Bulawayo vs. Harare match!

Well done to horses and riders!! Our babies are back home!!

Lincoln offload-2

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