23-7-15: Learning by Watching

Two of our Cremellos – Freshly Ground and Moonlight – are well on their way to being therapeutic horses. As an introduction to the world of which they will soon be a part, we brought them over from their paddock to watch a therapeutic session take place.

Freshly Ground

Freshly Ground, curious about children

“Horses are smart enough to learn from each other. It is important for them to see what the other horses are doing during one of our sessions,” says Aileen Johnstone, a riding instructor at Healing with Horses. The exposure to the noise and movement of the humans around them is important to their progress as is their socialization with the other therapeutic horses, who are now pros at this work.

Moonlight - hidden by adoring fans

Moonlight – hidden by adoring fans

We had set up a small course with different activities for the kids. Fresh and Moonlight walked around with the other horses, listening to the sounds we make as we talk to the kids, stopping next to the drums we use, watching with interest the exercises we did and even walking over trotting poles. Nothing scared or worried them, thanks to the gentle and reassuring presence of Sandy Paul and Jess Roberts. And then at the end of it they interacted with the kids, soaking up all the extra attention. We will continue to keep you updated of their journey into the therapeutic world.

Moonlight and child

Volunteers on Thursday

  • Stella Allberry
  • Sandy Paul
  • Mel
  • Nicola Bourdillon
  • Jess Roberts
  • Cecile Knight
  • Hayley Sherfield
  • Brett

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