The last day of term

Our center on the last day of term was a blur of red and blue as the students of Whitestone Primary School visited along with the children of KGVI. Around 30 children from Whitestone’s Grade 7 class got a chance to play with the 30 kids from KGVI.

We love to see how children get themselves organized, usually with the sole focus of having a good time. It didn’t take long for everyone to form groups based on their interests: those who wanted to meet the minis, those who wanted to participate in the obstacle course relay race, and those who wanted to help out with a therapeutic riding session.



And we also love to see how the kids learn while still having fun. The children from Whitestone learned how to sign the days of the week, learned how to communicate with gestures and facial expressions, how to tell if a horse is happy, and also how to help out in an equine therapy session. And the kids from KGVI learned that they had a lot to teach the rest of us… especially if we were going to communicate with them using sign language.


The last bit of the morning included a visit to the Cremellos, where the kids got the chance to meet our therapy-horses-in-training. But Apollo, our gorgeous black stallion, couldn’t resist such a large audience and manage to steal the stage, knowing everyone would be fully impressed by his beauty and agility. And it was clear to see that most of the kids were in complete awe!


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2 thoughts on “The last day of term

  1. I am glade to get updates from you thanks you very much kids they are always fun I enjoy to spend hours playing with kids.. I’m impressed I’m always with you in spirit. I will make a.visit one day. And greetings to all the staff from my brother and all Belton western riders. Texas

    On 09/09/2015, Healing With Horses Therapeutic Centre


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