16-9-15: The first day back

After five weeks of school holidays, Junior came back to us with one simple, clearly articulated request: “Pink Lady”. The request was so clear and the desire so palpable that it was impossible to refuse. And besides, it is such a joy to be able to fulfill someone’s deepest wish. Especially when it is something as beneficial yet as simple as a ride on a horse.


Junior on Pink Lady

We lifted Junior on and when he sat on Pink Lady his face blossomed into a huge smile. Junior tried really hard, straightening his back and using his arms and core to keep his balance, following through every exercise and paying attention. And through it all he smiled, the kind of heart-happy smile that comes from getting what you want and finding that what you wanted was just as good as you thought it was going to be.


Promise on Risky


Mufaro on Lightening

One thought on “16-9-15: The first day back

  1. Beautiful! What a privilege & wonderful reminder to focus our attention on what really matters in life – usually those simple things we take for granted!


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