17-9-15: Thursday’s news

There was a lot that was new in our Thursday session. It was wonderful to welcome a new kid – Leroy!! We love meeting the new kids and getting to know them. And we also love them for reminding us of far our usual riders have come from that first time they ever saw a horse to now loving their ponies and clamoring to be the first to mount!

Cut the Deal was also a new face in our round school. Arthur rode him brilliantly, listening to instructions to sit very still, and Cut soon settled down and behaved as though he has years of experience as a therapeutic horse.

Cut the Deal

Arthur riding Cut the Deal.

And Freshly Ground, one of the Cremellos, joined in the session! No one sat on him but Fresh had the opportunity to walk around and see what therapeutic riding is all about. We think he quite liked it!


Jess (left) walks Freshly Ground during the therapeutic riding session.

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