23-9-15: Not always easy

We’ve all been there. Sometimes you get on your horse and you just don’t want to ride. Nothing feels right. And you start to wonder if you should just get off. How you handle those moments can reveal a lot about you as a person.

LindaLinda was having one of those days, a day when riding her horse was definitely more work and therapy than fun. She lay down on her pony her thumb in her mouth. It was clear she wasn’t happy. It’s hard to know in those moments just how much to push, how much to expect, what to ask for. The good thing is that when a child is on a horse, every moment is beneficial even if the child isn’t doing anything.



We just let Linda lie there for a moment, soaking in the African sun, and absorbing the warmth of Pink Lady’s back. And when we had all relaxed around her and she herself had relaxed a little, we spoke to her. We took pictures with a cell phone and showed them to her and there’s something about sticking a camera in someone’s face, they usually smile.



When she was smiling and her thumb was no longer in her mouth, Linda stroked her horse and then sat up, ready to join the rest of the group.

Shelton on Guiness

Shelton on Guiness

Kuda on Risky

Kuda on Risky

We also met three new children: Praise, Kuda and Shelton. It was great to see them loving the session and really enjoying themselves.

Wednesday’s Helpers

  • Sandy Paul
  • Sandy Peters
  • Tracy van der Merwe
  • Erin van der Merwe
  • Debbie Paul
  • Kelly Paul
  • Michelle Evans
  • Demi Evans

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