1-10-15: Thank you PPC!

The stable yard was bright red on Wednesday thanks to PPC! We received a very generous financial donation as well as a donation in the form of cement from them a few months ago and now they have donated the kids, volunteers, and grooms caps and T-shirts. We are so grateful for their belief in the work we are doing and their continuous support.

The kids took their caps with them as they had to wear helmets while riding, but our volunteers and grooms couldn’t resist wearing their new togs right away!

1 oct-7556

Our grooms and horses. From left to right: Charles with Pink Lady, Robert with Rani, Newman with Oberon, John with Rhiannon, Kumbulani with Lightning, Ndodana with Risky and in front, Evans with the minis, Paddington, Bridget and Eldorado.

Our Wednesday session went really well. Linda was more vocal than the previous week, calling out to her friends who were waiting to ride and focusing well on her exercises. She enjoyed brushing Pink Lady, reaching forward to make sure she got the different places that needed her special attention.

1 oct-7582

1 oct-7606

Edward hasn’t ridden for a couple of months, and he was very tense waiting his turn to get on. Mounting was very difficult, but by the time he had lain on Risky’s back for a few turns of the ring, the warmth coming through to him had relaxed his muscles completely. He seemed to have melted into Risky’s back. He had such a contented smile on his face. You can only imagine the relief he must feel to have soft, compliant muscles. He spent the whole session lying soft and relaxed.

Edward on Risky.

Edward on Risky.

Aquella amazed us by sitting up for most of the session. We would never have said that this was possible for a child who was lying on the horse for the whole session last term, and was only just starting to last through the whole session.
And finally, Sandy Paul rode Fresh in the session!
Wednesday’s Volunteers
  • Sandy Paul
  • Angela Stanton
  • Michelle Evans
  • Demi Evans
  • Debbie Paul
  • Kelly Paul
  • Tracy May
  • Sandy Peters
  • Tracy vd Merwe
  • Erin vd Merwe
  • Audrey Jovner
  • Leslie

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