Princess Rani

Princess Rani

I would like to introduce everyone to our very dear Princess Rani. Rani has been with us for fourteen years and has taught many a child how to ride, and, more importantly, the correct way to treat pretty little ponies. Rani is the chief diva of our yard. She will melt your heart asking for carrots, which are her favourite treat, but if you don’t treat her right, you will know immediately! Rani often tells us when children are ready to progress by voluntarily jumping an obstacle un asked, or cantering without being asked to! Although Rani loves to show her turn of speed at any opportunity, she is also very steadfast in our therapeutic lessons and is our pony of choice for the very tiny riders who come to find out what horses are all about.

Would anyone out there like to sponsor a monthly amount towards Rani’s upkeep? She would be very grateful, and it would really make  those beautiful big eyes shine!


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