For our last session of the first term 2016 with KGVI  we had a gymkhana. Whether it is our weekly sessions, or whether it is an exciting and fun gymkhana, these kids from KGVI always put their hearts into everything they do, and everyone involved with these incredibly special children, has lost their hearts to them, so there’s a whole pile of hearts floating around here!!!

Special thanks to our hard working and dedicated volunteers who give up their time every week, some of them twice a week, to help us with these sessions. We were lucky enough to have a few visitors from out of Africa to watch our last few sessions of the term, thank you for your interest in our program, we know this experience will not have left you untouched – Kim Fry, Ryan Keith, Marc & Suzanne Daniel and family – Nathan,Nick, Emilee, Isabelle, Liz, volunteers from Maranatha.

Big thanks as well to our grooms for their hard work in our sessions, and of course to our extra special ponies.

We look forward to our sessions with KGVI next term, meanwhile we carry on with Sandra Jones Centre and all our other sessions throughout the holidays if anyone wants to come and help!





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