Vesta Rhiannon


Isn’t she a beauty? Rhiannon is a pure Arabian mare bred by us. She is worth her weight in gold as a therapy pony, every session she is the one who carries the  children who need the most care, and she does it all in her stride. Nothing fusses her, nothing rushes her. She is a gem. We never have to worry what mood she is in, how she is feeling, what kind of day it is. Rhiannon is always the same, constant in her loyalty to these kids, and her understanding of what they need. Tried and tested. Which doesn’t mean to say that Rhiannon doesn’t have a spark in her. Outside of the therapeutic sessions, Rhiannon knows just how beautiful she is, and holds her little warthog tail and flowing forelock high in the air. A sweet little show jumper, Rhiannon chooses who gets to take her around the courses, everyone else watches from the ground….. Rhiannon’s childhood friend is Guiness, and you can see most of their free time is spent discussing how stress free life should be, and wondering why everyone else gets their tails in such a knot about things…. life is chilled. Wouldn’t you love to help with the upkeep of Rhiannon? We could send you a beautiful picture of her to stick up on your wall! Contact us for details of how to help.

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