Start of our second term sessions with KGVI, and they just took off where we left it last term! On Wednesday we only had two volunteers, thank you Sandy Peters and Carol Serviere! But today we couldn’t count them all they were so many! We had the Interact girls from Girls College, thank you so much for your visit and your help girls, I hope we managed to open your eyes as to what we do here at Healing with Horses, and that we hopefully encouraged some of you to continue to volunteer with us here. We also had some American Volunteers from The Rock, here in Zimbabwe in a missionary capacity. These six girls gave us a hand on Saturday with the Sandra Jones kids, and have said they will help us every week until they move on to the next of their ’11 countries, 11 months’ mission. Thank you so much girls it is great to have your help. These girls stayed on to groom some of the ponies for us, and will be joining us tomorrow to help out in the stables! Thank you so much. Don’t forget we do a volunteer program here at Healing with Horses for anyone who is interested. Contact us!

So great to have the kids back, Methembe, Denzyl and Shepherd showed us they hadn’t lost their voices over the holidays, and Wisdom was bouncing off the ceiling…. well he would have done if we had one.. we had the twins join us today, they have only been a couple of times but were quite at home on the horses. Lindele brought her beautiful smile out to the stables, and Chantel obviously hasn’t forgotten how to remove people’s sunglasses…. We missed you guys! Welcome back.



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