Our mid week session is with the KGVI day scholars, and is always great fun for everyone. There are many life lessons to be learnt from these extra special kids, as well as from our ponies. No matter what the hardships faced by these kids are, they always have a smile on their faces, and these smiles spread to everyone who comes within their circle. KGVI brought two new volunteers with them today, and they did a great job as side walkers. Amongst our own volunteers we had two Emily’s and two Sandy’s today, as well as Carole, Mell, and Kelly. Thank you for your support of our program, we really appreciate it. So although our day at the stables started with a frost covered arena on the way over for morning feed, it certainly warmed up when we were surrounded by all these great people and animals! Special mention must be made today of our grooms who take such great care of our horses, and always have the participants’ safety strongly on their minds. A big thank you to John, Evans, Khumbalani, Newman, Robert and Charles.



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