Chalk and Cheese

Our first session with the ponies in hand concurred with our first under saddle with our resident jockey – things didn’t look too hopeful. Jig only wanted to be with his friends and was wary of what we were doing, Bella was outright hostile, and Magic, the sweetest little thing, kicked out at any aids. We were a bit despondent, but then a bit more in hand work seemed to change the ponies’ minds about our intentions towards them, and they were very receptive to what we asked from them. Magic never asked a single question, Jig worked happily and obediently away from his little herd, and Bella was the picture of sweetness and obedience – for most of the session….! A very encouraging afternoon with these sweet ponies, thank you to our jockey, Kim.

Aren’t they sweet? Our next step will be to work them in different environments with other ponies, and then we’ll start to work with side walkers, and the equipment we use for our therapy sessions, before seeing how they cope with the kids on the ground and eventually on their backs.

Well done little ponies we’re so proud of you!

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