Teddy Update


Our little teddies from the SPCA are worming their way into everyone’s hearts.

This week they have progressed to group lessons with Kim on them, all three have been introduced to the dressage arena, Bella was very suspicious at first but, as with the round school, the second session in the dressage arena was old hat to her, and she settled nicely. At the end of the week Kim lent us her son Connor to try a child on Magic, and she was a little angel, so today we took the plunge and introduced all three of them to our Saturday therapy program, where they acted as though they have been doing this their whole life, and calmly carried the kids around the round school. All the kids were so excited to be allowed to ride them, and no one had trouble posting to these very evenly paced teddies.

We have got very fond of theses sweet things, and from being so suspicious of everyone and everything when they first arrived, they now want to know what who everyone is, and how they fit in.

Here the girls are chatting with Clifford while he watches Carlos ride in the session with Kim and Jig.


This week we will be working on the equipment used in the other side of our therapy program, and introduce them to the other kids, and hope that they take to that as easily as they have taken to this side.

We sure would love them to stay with us forever!


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