Training Show 30 July 2016


The worst part of any show for us is putting our little ones on the box/lorry to go in to the show! Promise you’re coming back guys! Arlene took great care of them there and back this weekend.

Hours of work lead up to the show.

Warming up in the collecting ring, great excitement and anticipation, and even our chaotic Friday sessions didn’t prepare us for the new horses and riders and everyone charging around doing their own thing!! Carlos told me he had a funny feeling in his stomach…. when I asked him if it was the same feeling as at hockey matches, he said no, so I told him that was nervous excitement for special occasions when you’re having fun with your pony!


In the ring and all the hard work was worth it! All of us found out we were capable of more than we ever dreamed of! And it was such fun.

I think Lancelot came home from the last show and told everyone about ‘Charlotte’s pigs’ as Sea seemed well informed about them and totally agreed with Lancelot’s description of them!


A sense of achievement for a job well done. Our dear Lazy who has stolen all our hearts has found a great partnership in Jess, his calm competence has given her confidence and the smile is never off her face!

The show doesn’t end when you leave the ring, and it’s always touching to see the kids volunteering to cool the ponies down and graze them for a bit before the journey home.


As usual our amazing grooms went the extra mile. The work they do, like the kids, is not just on the day, but weeks of preparation and conditioning.


And once we were safely home (thanks Arlene) all the show polish was rolled off and it was time for a snooze!!

Well done:

Carlos and Dovenby Ghazal

Connor and Lightning

Jess and Laser Patrol

Charlotte and Sir Lancelot

Kim and Sea Battle

Newman and Khumbalani!!

You all did a great job and we’re proud of you!

Next week Horse of the Year…. Good luck Kim and Charlotte.

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