Double bonus at this Wednesday’s session with KGVI. First, our dear Risky, who has been out for a few months with a sore back, made it back into our sessions today for the first time. Risky coped well, was very happy to be working with our special friends from KGVI again, and, we are glad to report, has no back twinges today! Welcome back Risky!

Those of our valued volunteers who have been with us for since the beginning of our program, will know how a wheel chair has been on the top of our wish list for a very long time. Yesterday, thanks to Dot Cato from Marondera, and Dr Hans Schales from Lupane Hospital, our wish came true!! Thank you so much to these people, and to those who knew our wish and were in the right place at the right time to whisper in the right ears!

We will get the horses used to the sight of the wheel chair coming up our new mounting ramp, kindly donated by the Allberry family, and then we will be able to start using the wheelchair in our sessions! We are so lucky!!

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