A perfect partnership

This kind of partnership between a person and a horse does not come without hours of dedicated interaction. Charlotte and Sir Lancelot have certainly had that. They have spent hours together practicing, socialising, playing, working, with Nationals as the end goal. They know each other inside out and they make allowance for each others imperfections. They truly understand each other. This weekend at Nationals has certainly proven this partnership. Although we don’t use shows as as reason for riding, they certainly do validate the time spent together at home. Charlotte and Lancelot we are so proud of you, not just for the results of Nationals but for the dedication and hard work you showed at home. Second in the Championship at Nationals! Wow!!!!! And Lancelot got the best turned out pony! Amazing, what a legend Newman, never under estimate the hard work the grooms put into their horses, and the bonds they form. Nadine and Heath have been the best parents, supporting and feeding Charlotte’s passion. And, Aileen, amazing job!!!! So proud of you all and such a privilege to work with you all. I thought I would explain the one picture of Charlotte’s mount……. Charlotte is THE Worst person to give a leg up to!!! If Heath is not around, there is just no plan. A good Christmas present for Charlotte would be a portable mounting block! Charlotte we are SO sad that your time with Lancelot is over, but we look forward to the partnerships you will be forming with your horses. Congratulations Charlotte.