It took Granny 3 months from retiring here in Bulawayo to persuade us to let her ride. After all, she finally reasoned, we were a THERAPY centre, and she needed therapy, how could we turn her down? And so the entire stable yard went into training, the prestigious Waterford Moonlight won the draw as the most suitable mount, and the rest of the team was carefully selected, although, truth be told, any of the team could have been chosen, they are all that good. A rigorous training program was undertaken, and only when every one knew their places backwards were we allowed to have our first session. Now, you might be wondering what is so special about Granny? Well believe me, we undertake the same serious and rigorous training for each and everyone of our participants, but this particular participant was extra special. ‘Granny’ had brought up her four fractious children as a widow, and the eyes of three of these children were melting into the fourth child’s soul as ‘granny’ demanded therapy. ‘Granny’s’ five siblings and their spouses had also let the fourth child know that all eyes were on her. Put ‘Granny’ on a horse?????? Never. Scandalous. But who can refuse ‘Granny’? As soon as ‘Granny’ arrived in Bulawayo she had everyone under her thumb, and all the grooms took their training very seriously, and every hair on Moonlight’s coat was polished, the best saddle in the tack room was gently placed on his back, and then jealously guarded, not to mention the instructor’s very own and much treasured numnah. Twinkle immediately fell in love with ‘Granny’ as did Moonlight and the entire team. Let me just mention here that no-one in the family would dare to let the word ‘Gtanny’ pass their lips in  reference to this magnificent and dignified lady, but the minute she stepped into the stable yard, the highest honour was bestowed on her by the grooms, and ‘Granny’ she became to one and all. Evans became very possessive over ‘Granny’ and all to do with her, and he fiercely controlled everything from tack to length of sessions. Great disapproval heaped on the instructor if she dared to go under or over time, only ‘Granny’ and Evans were allowed to call time. Today I am proud to announce that Moonlight’s careful and steady introduction for ‘Granny’ to therapeutic riding has enabled her to progress to our darling, much loved Lazy, and it is with great relief, after waiting with baited breathe, that the whole team heard Evan’s approval in pronouncing Lazy ‘a nice chap’, and he has been allowed to enter ‘Granny’s’ team! Phew. Well done mom I’m so proud of you! And I know Geoff, Suz and Dave are too!!