Jomo was born to one of our thoroughbred mares nineteen years ago. During the years we have watched his successful show jumping career with the Nieuwoudt’s in Harare. He was much loved and did very well with them, he loved to jump. When the time came for him to retire, Juanita got hold of us to see if we could take him. And so Jomo came home! Our resident ‘Tigger’, Agent Crush, alias the amiable gentle giant, was fascinated with the new kid, and made him feel right at home after only one skyward bounce. Anything Jomo wanted to do, Agent joined in with. Thank you Agent for making Jomo feel so at home. As soon as Jomo has settled in we will start to introduce him into the therapy program, where he can proudly teach the kids who need him to jump, and hopefully work with our kids with physical disabilities as well. Jomo will be joining his old stable mate, After Shock, who once belonged to the Nieuwoudts as well. We are very happy to have you here Jomo. Welcome. Yet another dark horse!