It’s not all about riding, and it’s not all about horses! Everyone lends a hand and get involved here at Healing with Horses.

Dolly helps at farrier time, carries bandages, feeds the cats, and is an invaluable vet’s assistant, pillowing the horse’s head, or just plain cotton wooling.


Oberon, Twinkle and Pearl are expert at helping people into and out of their cars, and are very diligent about checking for, and removing illegal food substances from these vehicles. (Daisy also helps with this)

The dogs are great therapy animals, good listeners, help to pack food, GREAT swimming coaches, and of course, make sure that everyone drinks their tea and eats their biscuits.


The goats allow people to practice massage skills, and are very vigilant at feed time.



The ducks always have your back.


The geese are avid patrollers..



Pest control duty.



Crowd control..



Nibbles is the most respected instructor we have.


Generally, we all just work together, and we couldn’t do it alone!