We all know how important the side walkers are, obviously the participants are the real VIP’s, therapeutic riding wouldn’t be therapeutic riding without the ponies, but nothing much is ever said about the leaders. Leading is such a crucially important part of our sessions. The leader must be horse savvy, must be on alert at all times for instructions from the centre, they must be totally aware of their surroundings, what hazards are there, what strange noises, what sudden movements, they need to anticipate all this and make what ever adjustments are necessary to allow for these things. Most of all they must be totally in tune with their horses. The whole demeanour of the horse is reliant on the demeanour of the leader. Here at Healing with Horses we totally trust our leaders, and we value their input and realise the impact they have on our sessions. Because they are so competent in their jobs we are able to relax and do ours. Thank you leaders!