Edgars very kindly donated two vouchers to Healing with Horses to be awarded to two of our volunteers. It has taken us hours of deliberation to decide who gets these vouchers, as each and every one of our volunteers gives so much of themselves to our program.

Our final decision came down to two volunteers who have been with us since day one of the program. Thank you to the two of you for your constant support, not just as side walkers, but in the background working with horses and transporting horse feed, and generally helping out in ways too numerous to mention.

Mike 26 Jan

SANDY PAUL  – Thank you Sandy for caring so deeply for the horses and the children.


Derrick 3 Mar

KIMBERLEY LA GRANGE – thank you for always giving so much of yourself and ‘making a plan’

Healing with Horses could not function without our loyal volunteers, we value each and every one of you. Thank you for making this decision so difficult!!

Thank you Edgars for your very generous donation.