It’s the end of first term at Healing with Horses, and we would like to sincerely thank all the volunteers who came week after week, some day after day, to help us either with our sessions or with exercising horses, collecting horses food, maintenance, etc. etc. There are so many different ways people can volunteer at Healing with Horses, and we still operate during the holidays, so anyone interested in volunteering, please contact us. For our hard working KGVI volunteers, a few weeks break before the start of second term, but I bet that every single one of you will be thinking of our sessions here at Healing with Horses during the break, you will probably have daily reminders of the amazing children we work with, and I know each of you will be looking forward to sessions starting next term, just as much as we do! So remember, during your break, get out those gym shoes and dumb bells, and get in shape for next term! We depend on you! For anyone who has never volunteered here at Healing with Horses, give it a try, there is one thing we can guarantee, your hearts will be totally touched!! Thank you once again to our wonderful volunteers.