Today was the start of an unbelievable adventure for Healing with Horses. The Australian Embassy in Harare has agreed to include us in their Direct Aid Program. The Embassy has donated funds for an irrigation scheme to be installed at Healing with Horses by Bancroft and Neil in Bulawayo.

This irrigation system is going to enable us to establish and maintain pastures for our horses, and this, in turn, will hopefully reduce our feed costs. And give us happy horses!


Eternal thanks to the Australian Embassy’s Direct Aid Program.


Khwareno Oberon is watching with great interest while the team from Bancroft and Neil set up to do the first step of our new irrigation system, measuring of the ground, and testing the borehole capacity. I think he approves…

We have had  lot of help leading up to this momentous occasion, mostly Carole Serviere, who worked so hard putting together our grant application and submitting it to the embassy. Grateful thanks to Matopos Research Centre who have been very hands on in helping us to choose the correct pasture, and have promised to guide us through establishing the pastures and maintaining them. Bancroft and Neil have been hands on and have committed to helping us use this gift wisely. And of course, Clifford Kee-Tui who is always there in the background, advising, running around, securing appointments, etc. etc. Thank you so much everyone.

Watch out for the updates on this amazing project which is going to benefit our program so much.

We gratefully acknowledge the Australian Embassy for their amazing donation to Healing with Horses.