Two years ago Lisa visited us from Missouri, and Detroit, in the States, and she must have like it here, coz she’s back! Welcome back Lisa, everyone was very pleased to see you.

We were very touched at Lisa’s kindness, she arrived here in Zimbabwe with many donated gifts for our therapeutic program. Lisa brought things we have been dreaming of for years, bareback pads which are going to relieve the ponies’ backs and give the kids so much comfort, ladder reins (Nicky Grant!!!) safety stirrups, head collars and lead reins, fly masks, a lovely shock absorbent gel pad and ice boots!! Wow it was definitely Christmas time for us here at Healing with Horses. Thank you so much to Lisa and the kind people who donated towards these gifts.

This is not the last you will see of Lisa, she is here for a month and we will be posting many pictures of her working very hard in our program! Nice to have you back Lisa.

Look how smart Lazy looks in all his new kit!