What a week! Firstly we had Lisa arrive from America, apart from how great it was to see her again, she came laden with gifts for our therapeutic program, gifts which are going to make life easier for both the ponies and the participants. Thank you so much for the early Christmas Lisa!



Secondly, our irrigation system installation, made possible with a grant from the Australian Embassy, is coming on in leaps and bounds. We are deeply grateful to Jojo Tanks and Halsteds who each donated a 10 000l tank toward the project. These are incredibly big gifts and we are truly grateful to both of you, thank you.


This morning Bancroft and Neil, who have been extremely efficient in the installation of the system, had the first spray up and running! We were so excited, and of course Echo was present at this momentous occasion, as he is for all of these occasions. An amazing feeling to see all that water pouring onto the dry ground.. and if you look carefully in some of the photos you will see the contrast between the current method of watering, and the new method!

Thank you to the Australian Embassy, Bancroft and Neil,  Jojo Tanks and Halsteds for this amazing dream come true.

Yesterday, at our first KGVI session of the new term we were privileged to have a visit from PPC, one of our sponsors. Kabira, from South Africa, was visiting the Bulawayo branch of PPC, and she came out to our session to see what we are all about. It was an honour to meet you Kabira, and thank you to Trust and Roger for joining us out here. Not only have PPC given us a generous cash donation to help with our program, but they are going to donate some cement to us to help repair our stables. Thank you PPC!

So a busy and constructive week with prove of all the generosity present in our Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Regoinal and International community! Thank you everyone.