So very sad to say goodbye to this amazing pony. Khwareno Oberon was one of the most famous show jumpers in Zimbabwe in his time, he gave so much of himself to so many children, and, if he was entered in a competition, the result could already be written down. He had the most amazing temperament and sense of humor, and lived life to the full. Oberon retired from show jumping in 2013, and has spent his retirement healing many children, and helping Aileen and I to run the Centre. Once he lost his ability to jump from paddock to paddock in order to get to where he wanted to be, Oberon made his needs known either by banging on walls, or standing patiently (to start with) at the gate to the paddock he wanted to go into, until someone noticed and opened the gate. No-one could throw a tantrum like Oberon when the gate was not opened fast enough. Oberon helped us to feed every feed time, checked every car entering the yard for carrots and company, joined in lessons, checked out all the donations coming into the yard, and even renovated the yard – kicking a hole in his stable wall so that he could keep an eye on us at feed time if he didn’t feel like standing at the feed room door. Nobody who visited Healing with Horses, or was part of our family, was untouched by Oberon. His gentle, humorous, confident personality touched, and healed, many troubled souls. How we are going to get on without you we don’t know Obs, but we know you are up there with the angels, causing havoc amongst all the other souls who got there before you.  Fly high little man, you own a huge part of hundreds of hearts. We will love you forever. Our thoughts are with Ashleigh and the rest of the Steyn family, the Hewitts, and everyone else whose life he filled with his amazing presence. Truly a pony in a million to so many people.