Today we were privileged to work with the children from St Francis Home in Bulawayo for the first time.

It is always so amazing to see the fear in the childrens’ eyes turn to wonder, amazement, and finally delight when they encounter our four legged friends for the first time.

And it does wonders for the heart to watch these same four legged friends weave their magic. There was one girl looking at the world with total indifference, she didn’t care what was going on around her, she was locked in her own world inside her own mind. Well, of course,  Echo the labrador was having none of that. He walked up and gently paced his big head into her lap so there was no ignoring his presence. There he kept it until her eyes came alive and she tentatively reached out a hand to feel his warm aliveness.


Most of the kids had sheer delight written across their faces when introduced to Eldorado and Bridget. Not only was this a new sight for their eyes, but they experienced the soft, warm texture of an animal’s coat for the first time. They solemnly introduced themselves to the ponies and were greeted patiently in return.


As to the little child who slept through the encounter in his wheel chair, and the boy whose senses were so overloaded he sought refuge in the bus, we’re not giving up on you.  Next week is a new day, and those animals are going to find their way into your hearts.  We’re gonna get you. …

Just like you already got us. Nice to meet you guys.