Everyone in the Equestrian world in Zimbabwe knows who Trish Lillie is. Trish has been competing since you was a child in dressage and show jumping, and was one of the few who kept going steadily through adolescence into adulthood to compete successfully in the higher grades of show jumping and dressage. Trish passed her knowledge on to the rest of the equestrian community in Zimbabwe throughout the years and is a respected dressage and show jumping judge.


Trish on Guy Laroche in 1985


Trish on Pollen’s Gold a couple of year’s ago

Healing with Horses Zimbabwe had been operating for four years when Trish approached us at a Bulawayo Show and expressed her interest in ‘doing what we do’. After corresponding a few times, and visiting Healing with Horses Therapeutic Centre in Bulawayo, we all came to an agreement whereby Trish would start up Healing with Horses in Harare.

Trish’s passion and enthusiasm for the work we do is so in tune with our programme that there was no doubt she would fit right in and continue the great work up in Harare.

Our mission is to heal children and communities in Zimbabwe through EAAT, and we are so excited to be taking this huge step forward towards fulfilling our mission. The awareness of what we do has slowly grown in Bulawayo, and it is time now, to reach out to other communities in Zimbabwe. Trish is our Ambassador in this quest in Harare.

Trish attended an EAGALA course in South Africa towards the end of 2017, and this will certainly help her in the work she does as a Healing with Horses Representative, in this field you never stop learning. Trish is currently preparing for her PATH Intl. Certification.

As can be seen by the pictures we have put into this article Trish is already engrossed in our program and is changing children’s lives on a daily basis. She has reached out to the community of Harare, and has the support of Safehaven, Harare, a Special Needs Support Network.

Welcome to our family, Trish, we are privileged and excited to have you join us.

Equine Assisted Therapy is a world renown therapy and has amazing results in all walks of life. Physical disabilities, PTSD, sexual and physical abuse, depression, behavioural problems, cognitive disabilities, special needs, addiction, you name it, a horse can help you through it and improve the quality of your life. Every day, here at Healing with Horses we watch, and provide a safe environment, while these amazing animals change the lives of children and adults. It is truly humbling and amazing work.

We rely heavily on the generosity of the people in our communities to help us by donating money, stock feed, or even more precious, their time, muscles and skills. Certain companies have been involved with our program right from the start, and I think their loyalty has been reward by observing these wonderful children we serve, and watching their physical and emotional growth, seeing them blossom and discover their confidence and self worth under the immense love and protection of our incredible horses.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our regular donors:

National Foods


Capital Foods

Berghaan Foods




Flo Petroleum


JoJo Tanks

Master’s Hardware


June Meadows

Roxy Ellis

And our many volunteers who are part of our family at Healing with Horses.

Healing with Horses could honestly not exist without each and every one of you. We look forward to establishing new relationships through Trish in Harare.