Horses heal in the most amazing ways. Not only do we see miracles daily with children with special needs, but we have also had amazing results among the working population of Bulawayo, using the movement of the horse to relax and de-stress. Our guinea pigs in this new venture have come from all walks of life, teachers, business men, stay at home parents, students, children and even Australians!! It is an unbelievable fact that horses have the ability to connect with such a variety of people, to get to the root of their need, delve deep into their souls and provide a solution. We have had the privilege of working with a number of people and the results are all similar:


‘I wasn’t expecting to feel that’

‘I feel like I am walking on air’

‘I had the best nights sleep’

‘I woke up happier’

‘I feel so relaxed and I can feel the tendons and ligaments relaxing’

‘It makes me feel happy’

And all this can be achieved just by sitting on a horse. The movement of the horse does it all for you, no extra effort required.

Yesterday we were able to share this unique experience  with a yoga instructor Рread about her thoughts and experience on her blog.