The Healing with Horses team travelled to Harare this last weekend at the invitation of the Zimbabwe Polo Association.

It was a great weekend with some exciting polo from these top players and their beautiful, classy ponies. It is always spectacular, and kind of breath taking to see these amazing animals performing the sport in which they have been trained and prepared for

Rippling muscles, sleek coats, and flaring nostrils, all betray the total effort these animals put into their work.

The crowds were certainly drawn to watch the matches, and the Healing with Horses team was humbled by the crowd of people who put their hands into their pockets in this uncertain economic climate, to donate towards our therapy program.

Healing with Horses’ mission statement is to heal children and communities in Zimbabwe through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies, and it was gratifying to come across so many members of the public who said ‘Yes, we’ve heard of you, we know what you do’ compared to just a year ago when Equine Assisted Therapy was an unknown concept in this country.

Thank you to Trish Lillie, our Harare representative, and her team of helpers, Matteo, Erin and Chicca,for your hard work leading up to, and during the day . Jacquie La Barbera allowed us once again to use her gazebo, which was a life saver during the heat  of the midday sun.

As usual we had the full support of our Bulawayo team. Clifford, Sabine and Carlos transported us to Harare and back and helped man the gate, and, quite literally in the strong August wind, hold down the fort (gazebo).

Jess Roberts kept the animals back at home happy and fed, and Kim managed our Saturday afternoon session. A huge thank you to you two.

As always thank you to Flo Petroleum for your support of this trip, and your continued support of our program.

Must of all thank you to the people of Zimbabwe for donating towards Healing with Horses at the gate of the Zimbabwe Open Polo Tournament, your donation will contribute towards under privileged children with disabilities receiving therapy free of charge, at Healing with Horses Zimbabwe, a PATH Intl. Centre located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and  to the Polo Association of Zimbabwe for the privilege of taking the gate on this special day.

We look forward to a continued partnership with the Polo Association.

Thank you as always, to the wonderful team we have at Healing with Horses.