Everybody knows how much the world has changed during this pandemic, and we hear daily of businesses closing due to the pandemic. God has been good to us, allowing us to keep our doors open by sending us partners to help us.

National Foods has been with us since we first opened our doors, ever faithful, and keeping one step ahead of us to make sure that we are always ok for food for the horses. Another company which has supported us from the beginning, is Safeguard. Warren King and Shelley have sent us a donation every month, and without asking, have increased this amount to keep up with the big inflation figures we are seeing in this country. PPC was the next big company to jump in to partner with us, and they have been giving us an annual donation for many years now. Flo Petroleum helps us out with transport and in many other ways, on a daily basis, to collect feed from Profeeds, (who give us a 10% discount on food bought from them) and to collect veterinary supplies and anything else needed from town. Berghaan Foods donates a ton of bran to us every month, and Steve and Sandy Worswick give us a big discount on hay bales bought monthly, and delivered free of charge to Healing with Horses all the way from Marondera by Western Transport. These are just a few examples of the companies and individuals who have stood by us through this difficult year. At the beginning of this year we were lucky enough to form a new partnership with Simbiso Brands, and now, we are proud to announce our new partnership with Nedbank Zimbabwe. Nedbank has given a donation to Healing with Horses Zimbabwe, to allow Healing with Horses to serve 10 children for 6 months. We are so excited to begin this partnership, and so grateful to Nedbank for believing in Healing with Horses and the work we do to change children’s lives. We look forward to a long and fulfilling partnership with you, Nedbank, welcome to the Healing with Horses family.