I find it particularly encouraging that in the last ‘strange but surreal’ year of pandemics and global unrest, Healing with Horses Zimbabwe should have posted so many gratitude posts. Isn’t it amazing that people and companies have looked past the survival kick-in reaction to find people and organisations in need, and to provide for these. In reality, the whole world is frozen in a state of uncertainty and yet, there is still that spark of humanity inside everyone which makes them care for others. And so it is time to thank Ecobank, who made a huge donation to us towards the end of 2020, which enabled the Healing with Horses staff to receive Christmas bonuses, and helped to pay some of the wages. We are truly grateful to Ecobank for this reprieve, and for their pledge to continue their support of our program.

Healing with Horses Zimbabwe is a not for profit organisation serving the children of Zimbabwe through Equine Assisted Services. We have literally seen miracles happen right before our eyes as we watch these wonderful animals reach out to every child to heal where healing is needed. This could not happen without the support of companies, foundations, organisations and individuals such as Ecobank. Our heartfelt thank you to Ecobank from all at Healing with Horses.