1-10-15: Thank you PPC!

The stable yard was bright red on Wednesday thanks to PPC! We received a very generous financial donation as well as a donation in the form of cement from them a few months ago and now they have donated the kids, volunteers, and grooms caps and T-shirts. We are so grateful for their belief in…Read more 1-10-15: Thank you PPC!

Gift Horses – Not just one but four!!

Dr Pete Dommett from Waterford Farm in KZN, has donated four beautiful cremellos for our therapeutic riding program. W Moonlight, W Pale, W Freshly Ground, and W Crumble are between three and eight years old and should be perfect for our riding program as they are Quarter Horse Crosses, making them exceptionally calm and willing. Dr Dommett…Read more Gift Horses – Not just one but four!!