Rather Risky


Rather Risky is a thoroughbred, ex- racehorse. He was also a brilliant little show jumper in his time, and even now teaches many children to jump, as well as taking them safely around the courses at a show, he can turn on a ticky in a jump off, and has won many rosettes an trophies. Risky has found a new niche in life, he is a slow and gentle addition to our therapy team, and allows all sorts of antics on his back. Risky has been one of our weight carriers in our program, and is much loved by the KGVI kids. He is patiently teaching our more advanced KGVI kids to steer and ride circles at the moment.

You will be surprised to hear that this mild, quiet and unassuming gentleman is friends in the paddock with all the cheekiest mares! Mares who would rather kick than introduce themselves to any of the other horses can be seen standing nose to tail with Risky swishing flies off his face. Deep, hidden depths to Risky!

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